Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions I receive.

Can I have a discount?

No, please do not ask for a discount. It is rude.

Can you do natural services?

No, if you ask for any natural services I will decline your booking.

Are you available right now?

The minimum notice I require is 4 hours.

Can you send me photos?

Check my gallery and twitter for photos. You can also purchase extra photos for a fee.

Can I send you photos of myself?

The only photos I require are those of your ID or utility bill. Anyone that sends me explicit photos will be blocked permanently.

Do I have to send screening information? I am worried about my privacy.

Screening information is non-negotiable, it ensures your gentlemanly behaviour. Your information is not seen by anyone other than myself, unless a crime is committed against me.

Do I have to send you a deposit? What if you don’t show up!

Deposits are non-negotiable. They protect me against last minute cancellations and large financial losses. I cannot retire off your $100 deposit, hence I always show up.

What if you don’t do a service I want?

Please ask me about any services that you require BEFORE confirming your booking. Refunds are NOT given if you change your mind, or fail to discuss your requests with me before we meet.

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